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Caring For Your Dreadlocks

The beauty of dreadlocks is low maintenance – just wash and go. You can run in the rain, swim until you turn into a prune, or exercise those unwanted pounds away, and your dreadlocks will never need a "re-touch." Never worry about conditioners, perms, beeswax, or on-going treatments again. Caring for natural dreads is little different than caring for twisted dreadlocks.

Natural Dreadlocks

Cleaning your dreadlocks is very important. Contrary to what most believe, keeping your hair and scalp clean helps growth and strength. Shampoo your dreadlocks just as the instructions suggest - wash, rinse, and repeat. Using natural shampoo, oils, and cleanser will help prevent itching and dandruff.

Few shampoos or soaps work well for dreadlocks. Most contain additives or residue that build up, suffocate hair follicles, cause the scalp to itch, and leaves the scalp dry. Residues are anything left on your scalp or in your hair or dreadlocks after rinsing.

Use only shampoos with most natural ingredients as possible. Products such as Suave, Mane`n Tail & Body Shampoo, and Dr. Bonner, for example, are great inexpensive shampoos. Find them at you local drugstore or health-food store.

After rinsing, simply squeeze out water, wrap it with a towel, and air dry. Dreadlocks are like sponges and hold a lot of water. Drying could take three to six hours. The longer and thicker the dreadlocks, the longer it takes to dry. Speed up drying by keeping the dreadlocks as loose as possible.

During the beginning of developing dreadlocks naturally, you will need to um-matte the side you sleep on the most. The best way to do this without harming your baby locks is to use your fingers to scratch and pull your hair until even all over.

Once your dreadlocks have matured after a few months, just jump in the bed and let them sprawl over the pillow or your lover. Or tie into a ponytail for bedtime extra curricula activities.

Twisted Dreadlocks

Washing fresh twisted dreadlocks is little more delicate. During the first few weeks, your new dreadlocks will be weak and easy to untwist. Try to wash them about once every six days with natural soaps or shampoos. Place a nylon stocking over your dreadlocks and wash/rinse your hair through the nylon stocking with warm water (very hot water may cause the beeswax to come out).

Each time you shampoo your newly twisted dreadlocks; you may have to re-twist or re-wax the ones becoming weak or loose. After rinsing through nylon stockings, place a towel over the nylon to soak up the water for about fifteen minutes and air dry.

If you need to re-wax your dreadlocks, wait until your hair is completely dry. A good idea is to use a blow dryer while you add the new beeswax. This will help the beeswax re-settle into the dreadlocks.

Keep in mind using the beeswax is only temporary. Its purpose is to keep hair stands together until the hair locks by itself. After the dreadlocks mature, in a few months, discontinue the use of beeswax.

Always wear a nylon stocking or a "Doo" rag over your dreadlocks to sleep in during the beginning stages. Since the dreadlocks or delicate, you have to make sure they stay in place while you sleep.

Other Great Tips

As time goes on, you will learn to know your hair and dreadlocks better than anyone. In addition, you will know how to give them the best personal care possible. Here are few more tips for caring and growing great dreadlocks.

Tip #1—Dye or bleach your hair before it dreadlocks. Chemicals can have a negative effect on your dreadlocks and cause them to become weak.

Tip # 2—Get a big hat. If you would like to wear a hat with your dreadlocks, you will need a large one. Visit a cultural shop and find nice big hats made specifically for dreadlocks.

Tip #3—Experiment. Try different ways of growing, cleaning, oiling, and styling. Due to different textures of hair no one technique will work for everyone.

Tip #4—Avoid smoky or dusty environment. Dreadlocks absorb smoke from cigarette and incense easily thus created bad odor.

Tip #5—Do not use rubber bands to bound long dreadlocks. Rubber bands can actually cut dreadlocks or make dreadlocks weak.

Tip #6—Bound your dreadlocks when using exercising equipments or machinery. Dreadlocks are strong and can be difficult to untangle if caught in devices.

Tip #7—Oil often. An easy way to oil dreadlocks (if needed) is add natural oils to the lather during shampooing. After rinsing, the dreadlocks are soft and shinny.

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"I must tell you that your words are inspirational, uplifting and gives me continued strength  in my own personal/professional growth process."
Launce C. Braddock