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Are You Living To Work, Working To Live?

Growing dreadlocks is about taking control and living a wonderful fulfilling life.  Working towards financial independence  or security, is one of the most important elements of creating great lifestyle.

If you believe money is not a key element of happiness, think again.  According to a report from HNW Digital of  Newton, Massachusetts, 86% of the wealthiest Americans said financial success and security is important to their overall happiness.  Those who say money canít buy happiness either donít have it or donít know where to shop. 

The benefits of financial security is not limited to simply buying lavish items or luxury gifts, but more importantly, being able to live your dreams and finance your goals.

When we should be working to "live," most are living to "work".  A well-thought out financial plan can help turn extra working hours into quality time with family, friends, and relatives.  With proper savings, investments, and debt reductions, you can create financial peace of mind.

Financial planning is hard work, requires dedication, and discipline.  Put yourself on a fast learning curve by doing what the successful do: read the most current financial books and magazines, attend seminars, talk to financial planning experts, take money-management classes, and research the Internet. 

Money is not the one and only key to happiness, however, as Bill Cosby said, "I've been rich, and I've been poor.  Let me tell you rich is better!"

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