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Visualize Dreadlocks

Visualization is the process of using your imagination to create the life you want.  It is similar to daydreaming, except you imagine established goals as already accomplished.  In essence, it is positive thinking taken to another level. 

To start with, the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagined or real.  This is why, when we see a picture of a piece of chocolate cake in a magazine or on a menu, we begin to salivate.  We imagine how it will taste, how it will smell, and how its texture will feel on our tongues.  We can even feel the weight of the fork in our hands as we lift a bite.  We may even find ourselves baking a chocolate cake that evening.

In essence, our bodies respond to sight, sounds, tastes, and feelings, regardless if they are real or imagined.  Visualization allows us to create images in our mind to motivate our bodies and mind to reach our goals.

When the mind believes the goal is real, it taps into the subconscious to pull up everything it can to make the visualization become real. When you visualize and believe with all of your heart, it happens -- it is a universal law. 

Visualization can be used to achieve many goals- physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.  It can be used to obtain a new home or a new job, to create a satisfying relationship, to produce calm feelings, for handling a difficult situation effortlessly, or for healing.

As discussed above, visualization involves than just "seeing" --it involves the emotions and all the senses.  You can either invent your own imagery, or you can listen to audio programs with imageries already created. Either way, your imagination will kick in -- your mind will automatically change or delete what is being presented and produce the sensory information necessary to achieve your goal.

This is powerful and wonderful tool to improve your life.  Learn how to use it effectively in your journey to great dreadlocks. 

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