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Table of Contents

The Nappy Song 11
Introduction 13

Part 1

I. What Are Dreadlocks 15
Just Gotta Touch It
What Exactly Are Dreadlocks
Where Did Dreadlocks Come From
The Rasta Connection
Dreadlocks Today
Making Dreads Famous

II. My Hair And Days Gone By 23
Fried and Scared Straight
Mama Don't Play That!
Who The Hell Is Jheri?
Braids Save The Day
School Hair Daze
Deep Rooted In The Past

III. How I Grew My Crown 29
Tired of Wearing The Mask
Seed Of Freedom Planted
Eight Million Stories, Only One Needed
Coming Home To Lock, But How?
Nappy Headed Ugly Duckling
None Of Your Spiritual Business
The Black Swan Emerges

IV. Prepare and Care For Dreadlocks 39
15 Steps To Great Dreadlocks
The Beeswax Approach
Caring For Your Dreadlocks
What's a Loctician?
Other Great Tips

Part 2

V. Faith Through Dreaded Condition 49
Kinks Out Of Mind
What They Will Do And Say
Dreading Corporate America
Love and Nappiness
In Too Deep As Truth Rises
The Homeless Angel

VI. What's Culture Got To Do With It 57
Are Dreadlocks Black Culture?
Culture My Beginnings
Passionate Anger
Getting In Touch
There Must Be Balance

VII. Set Your Hearts On Books 65
Life Changing Tools Everywhere!
The Answers Are Out There
Our Ethnic Authors
Never Ending Growth

VIII. Locking In On Success 71
Dreadlocks Are Serious Business
Success For Dreadlocks
Responding To Your Ability
No Stopping The Dreadlocks Now
The Winning Attitude

IV. Wingtips and Dreadlocks 79
The Question
In like Flynn
Dreading Back to Corporate
Wingtips and Dreadlocks
Surviving In Corporate

Part 3

X. All In The Mind 89
Connecting Within
Taming The Mind
Affirm Your Dreadlocks
Believe It, See It
Seeing A Future Life Today
Listening Your Way To Success
In Control Of Your Mind

XI. Healthy Body, Healthy Dreadlocks 101
Your Spiritual Vehicle
Mr. Fine Party All The Time
Back To My Roots
ABC's Of Good Health

XII. Dreads and Finances 109
Are You Living To Work?
What's The Plan Man?
Great Money Management Technique
Turn 75-Cent Notepad Into Cash
Need Extra Money, Start Something
The Bottom Line

Epilogue - The True Essence of Dreadlocks 121

Suggested Reading 123
Life Improvement Resources 127