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To become what we are meant to be, we must first create a success image in our mind.  Self improvement and self help programs are extremely effective ways to bring positive dramatic changes to your life.   While we might not always have time to sit down and read, we do have time to listen to a cassette or CD while we work, walk, rest, commute, make dinner, or sleep.

Many self improvement  programs on the market can help you improve just about every aspect of your life.  Whether you seek excellent mental or physical health, or you want to achieve success in your career, family, athletics, or finances, an audio program exists to help you achieve your goals. 

Motivational speakers, writers, teachers, ministers, counselors, or psychologists create self improvement programs.  The programs are usually books, ebooks, or recordings from a series of speaking engagements or specially created to resolve a particular problem. 

Adding a set of self improvement programs to your personal library is simply a must.  You can listen to them over and over until you improve or change your current situation. 

Pat Riley, in his book The Winner Within, wrote that, "If you are not committed to getting better at what you are doing, you are bound to get worst."  In other words, if you are not totally committed to excellence, you have made the decision of mediocrity.

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