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"Keep your culture: Don't be afraid of the vulture! Grow your dreadlock: Don't be afraid of the wolf-pack!" Bob Marley

Use this site to learn the most important aspects of growing dreadlocks.  All the information is paraphrased from the Don't Worry, Be NAPPY! book. 

Our goal is to help you elude all the crazy ideas and wrong information regarding dreadlocks you find all over the internet.  Also we want you to realize there are some great things about growing dreadlocks as well as some things that will tend to reap havoc in your life. 

Read all the sections before you decide to adorn you head with this uniquely sexy hairstyle and way of life.  Then order the book and start you journey into your incredible new life! 

What does the book offer?

The book provides valuable personal experience from starting with absolutely no hair to dealing with family, friends, and work. It's down to earth, factual, and easy to read. 

The author of has been living with dreadlocks for more than 20 years and still growing strong.  He has more than tripled his salary and wants to share this valuable information!

Anyone can create a lifestyle of success and prosperity with this powerful hair style -- Guaranteed!

Wishing you much success, 

Jeffery Bradley
Publisher / Author

We'd love to hear what you think about the information on this website or questions about dreadlocks in general.  Send us a quick email to